Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Dear Glee

How dare they?
I watch and love the show Glee, last nights episode "Never been Kissed" was a particularly good one. Only one little pet peeve though...
I love music. and i especially love in songs when the writer puts in a key change.
key changes are exciting and different. When a song features a key change, the coolness level automatically goes up like 50 points for me.
Last night the girls of glee sang a mash of livin on a prayer and start me up. there is a key change in the original livin on a prayer after the bridge (which displays the incredible vocals of John Francis Bongiovi, Jr.), but in Glee's version, after the same guitar soloing bridge, goes into the chorus with NO key change. when that happened i felt like my hot-air balloon of excitement and anticipation had been punctured and deflated by an airborne Volkswagen Beetle. NO KEY CHANGE???? ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? You're going to cover a legendary classic rock song (which, as it is, is a risky move) and make a musical decision that will undoubtedly make it less legit? Good one.

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